Go to the Balance Recharge page, choose from the list the payment method that suits you, and recharge your balance with the amount you specify.
On the services page, choose the required service
Check service details before ordering it to see what is allowed
In the Count field, enter the number of views or likes you want
If there is a shortage in the guaranteed services for a specified period with details, provided that all the followers are real, or all the followers have been requested from our website.
There is no specific period for delivering the request or service, but there is an estimated time that varies according to the type of service, the required number and updates, you can view the details from within the service
We have two types of services, real and fake. You can view them in the service details
Regarding this matter, you can contact us to provide you with details and conditions
We do not guarantee that followers will interact with your account content, but there may be interaction by a number of accounts
Yes, you can amend your account information by clicking on my account, and you will see all the information there.
Open a new ticket and write your inquiry in detail, and you will be answered within 24 hours.